Broodbaar is a sandwich shop in Vilvoorde which specializes in deliveries to companies.

On our menu you will find sandwiches, soups, salads, croques, hot dishes, breakfast, fruit, desserts and meeting formulas. More information can be found on our order page, all of our products are orderable online.

We also deliver soup in larger quantities or individual portions. For larger quantities, soup is delivered in hot boilers. Contact us for more information.

Food information

We like to work seasonal, in the summer you will find a larger assortment of salads and in winter a more extensive range of hot dishes.

We daily serve freshly baked bread, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and richly filled. You can also choose for brown or multigrain. Fitness sandwiches are thinner and full of grains. Bagnats are soft and round and available in white and wholewheat. Our smallest baguette is 15cm and we also offer soft sandwich rolls.

A lot of our dishes will have the remark of 'housemade' as we strive to prepare as much as possible in house.

We care for food allergies and intolerance, for more information you can contact us through e-mail or address one of our employees.


Broodbaar does not charge for ordering and delivery. When the delivery address is in our delivery area and the minimum amount (& euro; 15) is met, the delivery and use of our services is completely free for those who order and also for the companies for which they work.

Transaction costs may occur for online payments but are entirely avoidable, more information on our payment page.


Orders are usually placed on the same day as delivery. It's however possible to place orders with a future delivery date.

Orders for delivery on the same day can be placed untill 10:00. This order limit is a necessity to be able to service all of your customer every day between 10:15 and 12:30.

If by exception the order limit has been exceeded, it would be best to still place the order. If the delivery round hasn't started yet we will do our best to still deliver your order. In case we can't make it anymore we will warn you (through e-mail).

Orders with fruitsalad, breakfast and sandwich basket should reach us at least 1 day beforehand to allow us to prepare properly. We are glad to help you with your emergency order on the day itself only by exception.

Noon is our delivery peak but we deliver orders during the entire day, for example breakfast baskets, receptions or evening meetings. You can mention such the time in the remarks or contact us in advance.

Service delivery area

Deliveries are possible in Vilvoorde, Machelen, Diegem, Brucargo, Melsbroek, Perk, Steenokkerzeel, Zaventem, Haren and Evere.

These deliveries are free when your order has a value of at least € 15. In case there are more customer within your immediate area, it might be possible to adjust this limit, do please take contact with us.

Algemene voorwaarden

Our General Conditions are available online.

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